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Telefon Tel Aviv

January 26, 2009

 Usually I’m not one for Dj clothing, but Plazma working out of Tel Aviv is a whiz with the silk screen. Snappy t-shirts and their jackets are nothing to shake a stick at either. Even if you don’t dig his clothing designs, you can spend a hot minute checking out his illustrations.




A Slippery Slope

January 26, 2009

 It’s no secret that men got the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion. And in alt fashion, it’s far more tragic. Men just don’t have the same options that women do. But once in a while, a designer will throw men a bone.

Like the fantastic collar detail on this winter coat by Ann Demeulsmeester.

Cyber details in New York fashion? It cannot be!


My Kingdom For Some Ankle Boots

January 26, 2009

Ankle boots are currently ‘the sex’. They can take any outfit from drab to chic. But how to match them with that lip service skirt? Is it possible to find some that won’t automatically make you look like a hipster halfwit? It is! You will constantly hear me sing the praises of Cutesygirl. The prices are right, and the selection is endless. Personally, my favorite part about this company is the fact that they send you a return shipping label with the shoes if they turn out to be the wrong size. 


On to the boots!

Slightly more expensive than those Demonia mary janes, but at least these won’t fall apart while you’re walking down the street.

So reasonably priced, it hurts. The perfect thing for kicking steampunk kids in the crotch. They also come in a fantastic brown.


The Birth of a Cunt

January 26, 2009

Remember when alt fashion was……… fashionable? At least we thought it was. Alt fashion exploded in the nineties, fulfilling those of us that were not content with shopping at Old Navy. Time has passed, fashion is evolving, but are we? Years later and here we are, covered in the same black vinyl and cheap fishnet. One day, i had enough. Going out to a club now depresses me, seeing how clueless the masses have become. My hope is that through this blog, alt fashion shall be saved. There are amazing designers out there, and now someone can put together a fantastic niche outfit at shops such as H&M. 

I shall try my hardest to give links to new and old designers of alt fashion. I hope to pass on the knowledge of how to find amazing deals in unexpected places. I will stuff this page so full of photos that it will take until the end of your life to load. 

Also, this will also be a fashion DON’T blog. I shall be posting photos i find of what NOT to wear. If someone gets offended, i really don’t care, maybe you should have looked in the mirror before you went out the door. 

Enough of that, on to business.

Let’s talk about the Swedish label, Vodabox. It has the same spunky burner flavor as Mido or Gado Gado, but at competitive prices. Also, they tend to try different fabrics, not just polar fleece. 





Hope you all enjoyed the first installment of alt fashion according to stylecunt!!!