And Men Say That Women Get All The Great Designers…..

January 27, 2009

Japanese designer Yasuyuki Ishii does amazing niche work in menswear. Concentrating primarily on a silhouette of apocalyptic motorcycle wear, he’s managed to turn streetwear into couture. As everything else in Japan, it’s priced spades over anything you or I could afford. It has me wondering which would be more costly in a motorcycle crash, replacing the jacket or fixing the bike. His shoes however, deserve no criticism, only worship. His pocket belts are something else as well.

Yasuyki Ishii


  1. OMG, my only OCD is boots and I can never have these because of cost, OH the HUMANNITY! I love them BTW, best thing I’ve seen in years, and I would wear them everyday, with everything, not even kidding.

  2. These boots are straight out of Waterworld or Mad Max 2. What’s next? Chain mail vests, mohawks and face-paint?

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