Back In Bali

January 27, 2009

 Before i go on the style post, i have been confronted with a few questions. 

Where do you find all this stuff?

I look. When you live in Philadelphia, and your only option for Alt fashion is going down to Zipperhead, you turn to the internet for salvation. And through the wanderings, you pick up a few things. 

Who are you anyway?

In order to be able to snark off as often as i choose, i must remain anonymous. I wanted to be able to criticize all the things about fashion that drove me to tear my hair out, it’s best that people don’t know who is criticizing them or else things get tricky.

Anyway, on to more interesting things. Like the fact that Psylo Clothing finally has it’s website up and running again. Sadly, it was down for a short while for maintenance, preventing me from viewing its scrumptious bohemian travel wear. Operating out of Bali, they add themselves to the remarkable list of designers operating out of that country. Usually I turn my nose at sites where clothing is priced in Euros (considering that the exchange is murder), but the construction on some of their pieces seems worth the wallet rape. I for one cannot wait till i save up enough for this vest.


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