Japanese Steampunks Will Blow Up Your Airship

January 27, 2009

 Anyone who has ever tried to actually attempted to surf Japanese websites in search of those clothes that we covet from Fruits magazine, generally gives up within a few minutes. Google seems to eat itself when confronted with Japanese script, and most pages are full of make believe plug-ins that make many tiny boxes covered in question marks dance around our screen doing a mocking samba. But sometimes we get lucky enough to find a few that are somewhat manageable.

Japanese designer Mot Tsuki has taken steampunk, covered it in blue and orange, put in on a motorcycle, and shoved it out of an airplane wearing a parachute. I’m not joking, some of the designs actually have parachutes. It’s steampunk if it watched the movie ‘The Aviator’ one too many times. Usually i don’t go in for steampunk, or vintage resurrection, but it was these shoes that made my eyes shine. It’s not fair that they’re for men.


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