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Boots As Long As Life

January 28, 2009

The interwebs have once again be kind. i accidently found these amazing photos, by what I believe is a Russian designer, but unfortunately I cannot find the proper name. 


It’s still a lovely sight to behold.



Fashionteainment: Фотограф Troyt Coburn + Модная загадка


Attack Of The Living Dolls

January 28, 2009

This season’s hottest silhouette, looking like the childhood plaything of Coco Chanel.


Alberta Ferretti’s new line.


Fibonacci Fruithof

January 28, 2009

Once again the internet has gifted me a visual gem. The styling in these photos for Maho Fruithof’s2009 collection are superb. The jewelry itself is not really my cup of tea, but the makeup makes me weak in the knees. 

However, i am slightly in love with these bird skull cufflinks.


High Rise

January 28, 2009

I tire of the cliche stripper heels that has somehow have infiltrated the alternative sub-culture. They have no style. So i offer up these for your enjoyment, just one of the many examples of what i feel all you “fetishists” should be wearing.

to be found HERE

Now i fully expect all of you to be wearing these out from now on.


The Lace Addiction

January 28, 2009

 Lace Top ~ Buckle Boots $30 ~ Lace Cami $19
Ankle Heel Boots $78 ~ Lace Chainmail Necklace $78 ~ Wedge Boots $28
      Lace Gloves $6 ~ Cyber Heels $32 ~ Mini Buckle Wedge $17



Ernte ~ Talking To God

January 28, 2009

For days now, it’s been extremely quiet up here at SC headquarters. The reason I’ve been so mute lately is that I’ve been stumped for days on how to go about writing this article. Usually, it’s easy. I talk about a designer,  highlight either their strengths or faults, post a few images, and then be done with it. 

I’ve been agonizing about this article for months. I can’t figure out how to accurately describe how phenomenal this label is. But I’ll try anyway. 

Of all the alt labels, there is one name that always stood above the rest. In terms of design, quality, and imagination, there can only be one monarch…….


For years now, Ernte has been birthing wonders out of their workshop in Bali. Their intricate leathers are the garments of dreams. I have seen many designers try to reproduce this level of craftmenship, and all have fallen short. 

I’m not in a particularly snarky mood today, so I won’t name names. But i can honestly say that 80% of designers in this genre are just a watered down version of Ernte. Some seem to just throw a handful of rivets at a garment in an attempt to achieve this style, and just wind up with a costume full of fail. Try all they like, they will never have the poise and polish of Ernte.

Unfortunately, purchasing Ernte is tricky, if almost impossible. Their web store has been dismantled until the 2009 line is ready for sale. By no means does this denote that Ernte is going to disappear, quite the contrary. Couture pieces can be found in stores all over the world, from Hollywood to Dusseldorf. There are scheduled spring shows all over the world, more information can be found on their myspace

Also worth noting is their amazing jewelry.

One cannot speak about Ernte without mentioning its architect, Tiffa Novoa. She was a prodigy among designers. TN led a fashion revolution in the alt world.  Today, designers like Skin Graft and Ernte carry on her vision. Sadly, she was taken from this world in 2007, whilst visiting the Ernte workshop in Bali, Indonesia. It is not my place to discuss the details of her death, but I will say that she is a missed presence in the fashion world. 

I cannot think of any designer who was more innovative, experimental, and original. 


Runway Review

January 28, 2009

 Here’s this weeks runway eye candy:


How can anyone resist dresses that look like cyber tulips?


With the help of a dress form, pins, and scrap fabric, this look could be yours! Give it a go. 


Although each dress has the same idea, the repetition of circles, in no way are any of the outfits parallel. 


I think that I might also rip open a soccer ball and use it as a hat. Watch out cyber kids!

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