Get Back In The Kitchen Where You Belong

January 28, 2009

Ever since I was fifteen, one designer has always been nestled in the largest chamber of my heart. The one and only, Kitchen Orange. 

Based out of Montreal, KO has been pushing out fashion gems for over a decade. With their simple colour palates and asymmetrical necklines, KO started a fashion revolution in Canada. It is hard to find a Canadian label that does not have echoes of Kitchen orange in their design aesthetic. 

Perhaps what made KO the alt icon it is today is the fact that they never became static. Every line uses different fabrics then the last, but never strays from the original KO silhouette. Anyone browsing through KO’s history will find a steady evolution of style that never repeats the past, only compliments it. 

So hats off to you, Kitchen Orange, the alt fashion leviathan. 

Kitchen Orange

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