Style Icon: Alison Goldfrapp

January 28, 2009

Alt style icons come in short supply. Be it musician, designer, or model, it’s hard to find one that truly encompasses the word ‘style’. Most will find a shtick, a niche, and stay there. It is a never ending cornucopia of static stars that nestle in their pigeonhole till we grow bored of that tired pose. 

When confronted with the question of ‘who is a style icon’, one name always comes to mind: Alison Goldfrapp. Lead singer of the trip hop duo Goldfrapp, she is a sovereign of style. I know of no one else who can perform a two hour live show in four inch buckle bound stiletto boots, and never take a rest. Her presence is subtly erotic, a carnal force with no harlot and all class. 

Alison’s style is sharp, and constantly in flux. Every tour, every photo shoot, we see her in an entirely new light. A dynamic fashionista that always leaves our eyes begging for more. Her operatic voice will never cease to send chills down my spine. 



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