The Couture Catalyst

January 28, 2009

Come with me now and curse the super rich! It is always vexing how we, this hapless lot, must wait for designer silhouettes to trickle down the chain into watered down H&M knock offs. If only we could afford the source, what an ornate bunch we would be!

I post these photos not as a discouraging window into what we cannot have, but as an inspirational tool. It is always important to look for new style stimulus and interpret it in our own unorthodox way. Waiting for Lip Service to tell you that pinstripes are out is hardly a constructive way for your style to evolve. 

In Chanel’s current ready-to-wear line, models were styled with ornate head pieces with woven hair, creating crowns an empress would lust after. They remind me of victorian era hair sculptures, making them was a popular way of spending idle time. These photos have opened up a whole new world of potential hair ideas for me. 

Of the entire collection, these two looks really stood out.


The entire collection of designer Limi Feu is worth more that a peek. I’ve been sitting here for twenty minutes trying to figure out how to explain the awesome, and words fail me. I think the photos say it all. 


I want to start a church to worship these boots.

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