The Rock Stars Are Distressed

January 28, 2009

Of all the alt labels, Junker is one of the most frustrating. Getting bounteous publicity from it’s long list of rock star clientele, it seems it’s publicity is endless, besting even that of label Skin Graft.  And yet, it seems to be one of the most difficult clothing brands to buy. Carried in only a handful of stores, it’s designs stay strictly one-of-a-kind. They employ an infuriating website which only sells uninteresting screen printed t-shirts, with absolutely no gallery of their leather and denim work. Only a select few stores carry the brand,  Forgotten Saints in Los Angeles for example, which makes it difficult to hunt down. 

One of the largest disappointments is their sheep lack of professional photos. In a large swamp of sweaty photos of rock stars on stage, they perhaps only exhibit ten decent photos of their work, usually photographed by Venuswept Photography. I mean, sure it’s lovely that Alice Cooper is wearing your overly detailed and distressed leather pants, but it might be nice to actually see what they look like. My final complaint is the scarcity of photos of their menswear, which far surpasses their womenswear. They are perhaps the only alt brand that makes decent men’s pants, but you would never know it. 





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