Fashion DON’T Episode 4 : The Case Of The Missing Eyebrows

February 2, 2009



…. have interesting eyebrows. The possibilities of stylistic eyebrows are endless. Give thought to some varied shapes and colors. 

Eyebrows found via Modelmayhem. If you can name all those models (I can’t), you spend too much time on the internet. Go outside and play for once. 




….. have invisible eyebrows. Unless you have alopecia (like Stan Sitwell on Arrested Development, and even he wore hilarious false eyebrows), you have no excuse to leave the house looking like a naked mole rat.


I know you wish you could be your rock idol, Marilyn Manson, but let’s face it, that ship has sailed. It sailed the day his music went from Marilyn Manson to Manz Ferdinanson (seriously, I’m waiting for the matching black suits and white ties to appear). 


Unlike other fashion statements, there is no way that this one can be done well. Give it up, you look like an asshole. An asshole who disco dances while shaving. 



One comment

  1. an outdated trend and hopefully once we wont have to see anymore if people start listening to sound advice. Additionally I would love to point out that you have inadvertently pointed out a bad trend that I just cannot abide to see – The scary contact lens. How many times have I been out and about and seen an eleven-teen year old kid, and scarily enough, adults out at the clubs (young and old alike) trying to rock this look. From the milked over eye to the snake slit eye contact…..

    Why can’t I make it go away by wishing hard enough.

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