Style Gestapo: Save The Sheep!

February 24, 2009

The second installment of hair extension week, in which I make people I don’t care about dislike me further. 



I would love to meet the inventor of wool dreads so I can personally extend my thanks. Now I can literally mop the floor with a bigmouth bitch. Empty threats are a thing of the past.

Is there a secret portal connecting the anime world with ours? Like in the film ‘Cool World’? I can’t imagine where else these big haired wonders came from.

If you see an old lady creeping up on you, run! She might have a loom. 




  1. Dear Stylecunt,

    I must say,
    I love your snark!

    Perhaps you can wax poetic on this as well? (has the styles mentioned above and below, and heckuva lotta plastic)



  2. Imagine the terror of old women actually creeping up on them with looms. What would the old ladys weave them into? It could just make them stronger and runs the risk of creating some sort of terrifying anime haired rat king

  3. actually, by all means, like anonymouse cleverly suggested, release whatever demons are on my shop’s site on your blog! i’m sure we’d deserve it. xx

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