Style Gestapo: It’s Slinky!

February 27, 2009

The fourth installment of hair extension week in which I relive childhood memories where things walk down stairs, alone or in pairs…..


There is something I must know, and this is essential. What mad company produces the mini slinkys for these hair falls? Is there really such a demand for cyber locks that an actual company would put these things into production? And in every fluorescent color under the sun? It is truly, one of life’s great mysteries. 

These accessories frighten me. 

They frighten me because if you were to push one of these girls off a building, they would go-go gadget bounce to safety. 


  1. these are called tubular crin; they’re stuff used in millinery, for ribbon accents on hats and whatnot.

  2. also doubles as pet-proof tubing for wires!

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  4. haha I must say I have seen way worse than some of the examples you keep posting. Wearing hair falls is very tricky business, only a few pull it off. But that girl with the pink and green hair top right, not so bad!


  5. Jennifer, yeah out of those posted the top right actually works for me (Ooooweeeeoooo!).
    I think if you at all resemble The Predator from the action films it’s too much.

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