Style Gestapo: Kill It With Fire!

March 3, 2009

The fifth installment of the hair extension slander saga in which I indulge in comedic disdain. 


I have posted the worst, the most pointless, and the ugliest hair extensions. Now, I will post the most ridiculous of all: the yarn heads. What person in their right mind thinks that this is a good idea? Did they perhaps fall into their mother’s knitting basket? 

It’s not hair, it’s not even pretend hair, it’s just a big, huge fashion mistake.

But on a lighter not, this photo makes me laugh so hard that I have to push the laptop away periodically. 

One comment

  1. these are a laugh!

    For your further amusement, its seems that some people have taken ridiculous to further heights:



    “I think I’ll take a bunch of household trash, tie it together and call it hair falls…”

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