It’s The Year 2009, Where The Fuck Is My Flying Car?

May 7, 2009

Throughout the 20th century, a multitude of various mediums made premonitions  of the distant future. The artisans of type and silver screen foretold of flying cars, food in pill form, and a world engulfing metropolis of ominous ziggurats. But of all these failed promises, fashion was by far the most disappointing. 

Where’s the endless sea of grey exoskeleton bodysuits? Where’s my geometric second skin? I was so looking forward to an inexhaustible selection of neopreen outfits. Alternately, we seem to be stuck in a loop of recycling the past. Instead of space suits and rocket shoes, we have bell bottoms and sweatbands. 

Please world, I am pleading with you, do not bring back the eighties. There is only so much my eyes can stand, and they have nearly reached critical mass. 

Give me the sassy android apparel I crave. 

Give me smart fabrics and fiber optics.

Give me this.

(But with less Lady Gaga fringe)

Photos by Zeduce



  1. agree. completely agree.
    where the F is my bloody hovercraft?!?!

    alas, i don’t think the 80s ever left in the first
    place. it’s just stubbornly staying.

  2. I too am seriously dissapointed with fashion now – particularly as it’s not just the 80’s they’re plumbing, but the 70’s too. I suppose it’s because making oversized saggy t-shirts and brightly coloured leggings is cheaper and easier than making complex, interesting, well fitting clothing – and everyone looks just as bad as each other in it (so you don’t have to have any fashion sense to shop for it).
    Mind you – I’m the worst kind of commentor – I’m not exactly a paragon of cutting edge fashion myself. Going shopping has become such a depressing activity.

  3. I have always thought that the future was far more interesting as imagined by people in the past. What I wouldn’t give to live in the world of 1950’s science fiction.

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