The Beastly Burners

May 15, 2009

Y’know what’s fun?


Y’know what’s not fun?

Burner fashion. 

Neon colors, fuzzy fabric, polyurethane, and cheap spandex are just a few examples of the eyesore that is burner garb. It wouldn’t be so terrible if the monstrosities just emerged on the playa, and then went back into the shed for the rest of the year, but alas, I can hardly remember a night out that wasn’t tarnished by encountering a neon fashion mess. 

It’s a fashion plot worthy of an evil genius. Convincing thousands of hippies to cover themselves head to toe with fibers that are the exact opposite of eco-friendly. It’s hardly a surprising conspiracy. I mean, how hard can it be to convince people, who believe that partying will save the world, to dress like The Electric Mayhem? 

Normally I try to ignore this particular mania, out of sight, out of mind. Then, I came across this. From shoddy home-sewn projects to a full on assembly line of tragedy. 


Make it stop.


  1. Oh. No. Bleck!

  2. I read a while back that the dyes used to make fluoro cloths have the least environmentally sound chemicals, which doesn’t surprise me.

    I’ve never understood the furry leg-cuff-or-whatever-the-hell-they-are-thingies. They look bloody stupid to me.

    We need to throw black paint at them and say ‘Furry trims are fashion murder!’

  3. No, that’s actually a joke though, isn’t it? It has to be…. right? Please? Erm.. are these people serious?

  4. Ironically, this post (and this website) is making the rounds on an old bay area rave list. Ah the Bay Area, incubator and propagator of some of the worst Burner-related fashion crimes against humanity.

  5. I think I just threw up.

  6. please take a look at this link…there is a side of fashion there that is amazing…what u posted is for the burner trash lemmings.


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