Lip Service: The Fail 2009 Line (Part 1)

June 14, 2009

Sit on down kiddies, it’s time to talk about our old friend Lip Service. 

In an attempt to make fashion fail drones feel special, Lip Service has recently started offering a ‘pre-order’ service. This allows you to stake your claim on the upcoming season before it hits the stores. The fail, I mean Fall line is already up, and it seems that black credit cards everywhere are melting from overuse (some styles have already sold out it seems). 

I’m sure that on the first day of school, your little friends Spooky and Sider will clutch their lunchbox purses tightly to their chests and gasp as you stroll by in your latest Lip Service duds. 

So what has Lip Service cooked up for us this time? I’m sure that the flurry of new silhouettes and fabrics will knock the snark right out of my mouth. I, for sure, am going to be told. 



Hey look! It some sort of burner/gypsy/circus/goth fashion fusion. I have certainly never seen anything like that before

I would really, really love to know how exactly this is Thunderdome? Is it meant to mean that the old Lip Service Thunderdome line has ‘returned’ from rehab? Usually, I would complain if they just recycled an old line, but if this the best they could come up with, give me the old stuff any day. At least it had a neat little flight cap, it went perfectly with my biplane. 

I know that when I’m fighting to the death on a bungee cord, goth gypsy school girl is definitely the look to strike fear into the heart of one’s opponent. The hide-the-belly zipper top is key. 



Nothing says punk like a floor-length tartan dress. Rebel!

If you think about it, this would actually serve as a helpful livery to your average gutterpunk. The long skirt could also serve as a blanket to sit on while you are begging for beer change. The arm straps are convenient for strangling sweaty guys in mosh pits, and also can act as a leash for your gutterdog. Furthermore, you can sneak extra friends into the club for free, they can hide underneath. 

Also, what were these models thinking with that posing? 

“Hand me my maracas Jeffery! I’m goin’ out dancin’!”


Stay tuned for Part 2 of Fail 2009………..


  1. Ok. I will admit to liking the holster. (with a completely different outfit of course. Like, maybe a tunic and leggings or something)

    But fuck, LS, ripping designs off of Etsy sellers now, are we? REALLY?


  3. I do have to say, such a strong punk/gypsy hybrid IS new to me. That’s not to say it’s attractive, though.

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