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Sensible Steppers

February 24, 2010

I know, the hiatus has been an age long But after seeing these, I couldn’t resist.

Oh. Dear. God.


Lascivious Louboutin

June 4, 2009

Once again, Christian Louboutin has awoken my shoe mania. This collection showcases a wide range of heeled delicacies, made even more palatable by their  complimentary setting in these photos by Peter Lippmann. One can only hope that the designs trickle down the chain into copies that we, the shoe devotees, can afford. 

These scale heels are definitely a must have. 


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Spats and Happiness

May 20, 2009

My shoes collection has long since multiplied out of control, past all sanity, and firmly into the unreasonable regions past human grasp. One continues the search for various holy grails, picking up strays along the way: I still need the perfect pair of Knee High Black Lace-Ups. I still cast about for the Platonic ideal Wedge Pumps, and slobber at the idea of truly winning Ballet Flats.

As a result, I have well over sixty pairs of various footwear, all of which have a little of something likable, but are basically flawed. Flawed enough that I must keep searching for their successor. It’s torture.

Spats are a good compromise. They fit over your current shoes, giving you a whole new set of possibilities. I own several pairs of WWII-era gaiters, and a clutch of legwarmers besides. They’re the hats of feet, serving the same purpose as a nice coverup trilby over inches of grown-out roots.

This collection of fine leather spats (and cute little gauntlets) from Ashes and Empires is stunningly well-composed, but prohibitively expensive. Looking at it as an investment, and a multiplier of all your current footwear, the price seems more palatable, but only just.

Here’s for spreading the fruitless longing around:

Ashes and Empires [Smashing Darling]



May 19, 2009

Every once in a while, I like to check in with Fluevog to see what spectacular treasures they have forged. I must say, 2009 has been kind to us shoe fetishists, we have been graced with this star:


The Berlin: Mitte $335

These shoes were surely meant to be the new love in my life, if only I could afford them.


Other neat characters include:

Coffee: Arabica $219


Coffee: Robusta $225

Wearevers: Hvala $415

Teapots: Lady Gray $199


Ties That Bind

April 27, 2009

Dishing out praise to Vivienne Westwood is completely redundant, as everyone on earth is already completely aware of how prodigious she is. Usually, when shuffling through images of her work, I am instilled with a silent admiration. Each piece is a work of art all on its own. But when I came upon these shoes,I knew I had to share them with you. 

They shriek of of ancient discomfort caused by leather medical exoskeletons. 


Unnecessary Evils

February 15, 2009

Ahoy super villains! 

Are you tired of bland villain footwear? Are your your shoes just not iniquitous enough?

Look no further! Japanese designer Hiromu Takahara has an answer to  your diabolical dilemma! 

Whether you’re drowning orphans or lowering old ladies into vats of acid, these are the boots for you!


Off The Ice

February 14, 2009

I, like many cunts I know, have unhealthy obsessions. And the one that hurts our wallets the most has to be Fluevog

When you can identify the shoe’s name and the family it belongs to, you know it’s gone too far. You’re sucked in, and the only way out is by spending every penny you save on foot orgasms. 


Those of us besotted with the brand are currently squealing with joy in response to a few new releases. 

Body Part: The Business Boots! The only boot that’s a shoe and a boyfriend (if i need to spell it out for you, the heel is shaped like a cock).  $549


The LA: Melrose! The long awaited cousin to the legendary Grand Nationals. $445


The Earl of Warwick: Coventry! The fairest of the 2009 Men’s line. $295