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Witches Of The Waste

November 8, 2009




Lately, I have found myself bored with the fashion world. The immense amount of repetition has been getting me down. But ever since I laid eyes on the work of Serbian designer, Marko Mitanovski, my interest has been once more set aflame.

Never before have I seen such a perfect resurrection of fashion elements from long ago. His pieces simply drip inspiration, original to the core. I hope with all my might that these ideas trickle down the chain into some ready-to-wear versions.

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Sinister Strumpets

November 3, 2009

I’m aware that it’s a little last minute for a Halloween post, but better late than never.

Модная съемка от Тима Бертона

Trend Shooting of Tim Burton

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Grand Gorget

August 14, 2009


Truly, Miu Miu knows the way to my heart, with titanic collars. 


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Vital Acquisitions

July 14, 2009

Recently, I have come to accept that Etsy is a viable source for clothing acquisition. In the past, I wrote the website off as a gathering of silly crafts, but these designers have changed my mind.

I need everything in this post, stat!

Disapora Cage Top $175 ~Louise Black Corset $189.50OctopusMe Earrings $120

Post Tattoo Socks $13 ~ OctopusMe Necklace $65 ~  Disapora Cage Dress $185

OctopusMe Choker $120 ~ Diaspora Rubber Top $55 ~ Antiseptic Corset $750


Wired Wench

July 12, 2009

If cyber was more like this, I probably wouldn’t complain about it as much, neon green and all. 

Fresh: Paco Peregrin


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Folding Time

July 11, 2009

One of the things I forage for when I’m sifting through the current collections is this: Fabric that folds or drapes like paper. And no ones does it quite like Dior, with their fleet of origami cupcakes. 



Oh Look! A Distraction.

July 9, 2009

Greetings toadies.

Worry not! New snarky articles are on their way, but these things take time. So to keep you occupied, look forward to a few days of ‘Hey, look at this neat thing’.

Snark soon. Until then…………courage. 


Usually, Chanel doesn’t do it for me. Too plain for my tastes. But look at this outfit! Simply divine!