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Witches Of The Waste

November 8, 2009




Lately, I have found myself bored with the fashion world. The immense amount of repetition has been getting me down. But ever since I laid eyes on the work of Serbian designer, Marko Mitanovski, my interest has been once more set aflame.

Never before have I seen such a perfect resurrection of fashion elements from long ago. His pieces simply drip inspiration, original to the core. I hope with all my might that these ideas trickle down the chain into some ready-to-wear versions.

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Apparition Action

August 1, 2009

I happen upon these images by mistake, and felt the need to share them with you striplings. My favorite photographers are the ones who create movement in a still image, I bet you can guess my leviathan. You can postulate that the combination of this style of photography mixed with a fashion editorial sends me reeling with joy.


By Bruno Danyan



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No Disappointment In Sight

July 13, 2009

On a semi regular basis, I sing the song of love to my favorite men’s designer, Julius. Once again, with his new line, he has failed to disenchant me. 

Bring on the tactical gothninjas!





Folding Time

July 11, 2009

One of the things I forage for when I’m sifting through the current collections is this: Fabric that folds or drapes like paper. And no ones does it quite like Dior, with their fleet of origami cupcakes. 



Haute Zombie

July 10, 2009

I, for one, welcome our zombie fashion overlords.

Mmmmmm, brains…..

Ivan Hidalgo

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Coiffure Catalyst

May 29, 2009

Hi there. Stylecunt here.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but many of my posts have a common theme: Art through fashion. 

There’s nothing I love more than to see fabric sculpted into atypical forms, defying the norm of flat pattern. Function in form is fine, but it’s the one’s who break the code that earn the covet. Who needs comfort when you can have chic. Give me madcap and unorthodox over sleek and sophisticated any day. 

The masses seem to be trailing behind the mania, slowly but surely. Asymmetrical cuts and anomalous shapes are becoming the norm. My own person grail feels within grasp as clubs metamorphose into galleries of living art. 

Fashion’s on it’s way, but what about hair? 

Sure, you color and cut, but there’s only so far that can take you. One day, people will realize that there’s no personality under that asymmetric fringe, and then what will you do? My friend, it’s time for a change. One coif can have a thousand possibilities, but only if you get creative. 

An excellent resource is Doctored Locks. Not only is it a fantastic retail website that carries everything from Kanekalon to fusion rings, but it also has scores of tutorials on every kind of hair extension option you can think of. 

For further inspiration, here are a few of my favorite hair artisans. 

Robert Masciave


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May 19, 2009

Every once in a while, I like to check in with Fluevog to see what spectacular treasures they have forged. I must say, 2009 has been kind to us shoe fetishists, we have been graced with this star:


The Berlin: Mitte $335

These shoes were surely meant to be the new love in my life, if only I could afford them.


Other neat characters include:

Coffee: Arabica $219


Coffee: Robusta $225

Wearevers: Hvala $415

Teapots: Lady Gray $199