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Ties That Bind

April 27, 2009

Dishing out praise to Vivienne Westwood is completely redundant, as everyone on earth is already completely aware of how prodigious she is. Usually, when shuffling through images of her work, I am instilled with a silent admiration. Each piece is a work of art all on its own. But when I came upon these shoes,I knew I had to share them with you. 

They shriek of of ancient discomfort caused by leather medical exoskeletons. 


The Cypher Seraphs

March 18, 2009

Time traveling seraphs caught on film as they exit the lacuna between jumps. Each harbors a vast collection of vestments accrued throughout time. They don the true bricolage fashion equilibrium. 

Vogue Korea

Title: Future Reflection 
Photographer: Hong Lu 
Models: Dual Kim & Kyung Ah Song 



Drifting In Space

March 11, 2009

A large fraction of ‘style’ is inspiration. Style inspiration should not just come from other hominids or existing attire, but from a variety of unrelated sources. Art, music, food, architecture, elements, travels, experiences, etc etc etc. 

Alright, enough of the reasoning. I really just want an excuse to post these images. 

ALSO! Stylecunt is adding a new writer. I expect the snark to flow like the sweetest mead. More news on this later.


Photographer: Zena Holloway

This definitely inspires me to wear more complicated dresses. 



Off The Ice

February 14, 2009

I, like many cunts I know, have unhealthy obsessions. And the one that hurts our wallets the most has to be Fluevog

When you can identify the shoe’s name and the family it belongs to, you know it’s gone too far. You’re sucked in, and the only way out is by spending every penny you save on foot orgasms. 


Those of us besotted with the brand are currently squealing with joy in response to a few new releases. 

Body Part: The Business Boots! The only boot that’s a shoe and a boyfriend (if i need to spell it out for you, the heel is shaped like a cock).  $549


The LA: Melrose! The long awaited cousin to the legendary Grand Nationals. $445


The Earl of Warwick: Coventry! The fairest of the 2009 Men’s line. $295


Chantilly Courtesans

February 11, 2009

Fashion writers across the net are reeling from Gautier’s spring couture line. The architectural patterns and sculpted lace have made Gautier the fashion gem of the 2009 Spring couture collections. 

The loveliest part about these bijou being transparent is the lucid view of the impeccable construction. There is no doubt in my mind how the name of Gautier rose among the couture elite. 


Tokyo Deconstruction

February 6, 2009

Men, stop complaining.


I’ve had enough of men bleating that there are no decent designers or labels for men. It’s not that they don’t exist, it’s that you are far too lazy to look for them. I pity your lack of patience. 


Here’s an easy bump in the right direction. Tokyo based designer Julius is exporting the look I want to see all of you swathed in by mid 2009. Julius and designers like him have slowly been creeping out of the shadows into the mainstream, providing us with the post-apocalyptic zombie hunter silhouette we crave. 


You can find his collections in a wide range of stores all over the world, many in the United States. And if you find the price tag to be too exorbitant, the look is relatively easy to pull off .


Just add:

1 cup distressed boots

2 tablespoons cargo pants

3 cups layered shirts

1 scissors 

1 quart medley of belts and straps

1 whole leather jacket, distressed, destroyed, rebirthed

Pinch of black, brown, and gray




A Long Time Ago….

February 5, 2009

I will, if I may, indulge my own silly obsession with Star Wars. I concur that posting these images is completely necessary.