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August 9, 2009

In these economic times, we fashionistas are taking a hard hit. Money is becoming scarce and price tags keep on soaring. Garments that were in near financial reach last year now seem miles away. In a age where style is constantly in flux, a standstill wardrobe is unacceptable. We here at Stylecunt are not blind to your plight, and would like to offer some (hopefully) helpful advise. 


It was good enough for grandma, so it’s good enough for us. If something breaks, fix it. Buying simple supplies from your local fabric store is substantially cheaper than replacing garments altogether. It’s easier than you think, most repair jobs do not necessitate the use of a sewing machine. 


I can’t tell you how many different garments you can make from a simple t-shirt. When an item of clothing becomes stodgy, consider simple alterations in lieu of the rubbish bin. Sometimes, scissors can be your best friend. Turn those pants into capris, rip off the sleeves of that shirt, distress that dress, etc etc etc. Also, familiarize yourself with the world of fabric dyes.


Flea markets are true gold mines. They’re an oasis of folks who don’t know the true value of their wares. Clothing can be lacking at these emporiums, what you really need to scavenge for is accessories. Gloves, hats, and jewelry are always rampant at fleas. Antique kid leather gloves are easy to find, and through creative cutting, can be transformed into haute ornaments Julius would be proud of. Also, with some resourceful pinning, shawls become two second skirts. The possibilities are endless, keep you eyes open. Craigslist is an excellent source to find local garage sales and estate auctions. 


Can’t afford it now? Pay it off over time! Many boutiques offer this kind service, and I urge you to take advantage of it. 


For the love of Pete, clean out your closets. If you have a pile of clothes that you a) Don’t want to alter, b) Are too lazy to sell, and c) Don’t fit any more, give them away! Clothing swaps are how I acquired nearly one fourth of my wardrobe. Your friends need your help in this time of fashion crisis, lend them a hand. 


There are some labels that most of us will never be able to afford, so buy it secondhand. I can reveal to you that all of my pieces from designer All Saints were gained through this medium. 


Racks of tops that are all under $8, what more do I have to say?


There are scores of websites out there with loads of cheap shoes and clothes.



Forever 21


Electrique Boutiqu


I do indeed hope that this post was helpful to those of you feeling your belts tighten.

For the first time, I will be taking submissions. Send me your make do and mend’s, your own penny pinching ideas, fashion you believe should be killed with fire, and the like. I want you to send me photos of your outfits. The most ‘fashion forward’ outfit of August shall obtain a special prize from Stylecunt.

Please send all submissions to

And with that, I leave you with some visual eye candy. Ignore the makeup, adore the accessories.



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Reduced Ragbag

February 3, 2009


Mid Calf Buckle Boots $30 ~ Button Vest $20 ~ Satin Tie Vest $15

Slit Sleeve Crochet Top $20

 Linen Cap $28 ~ Strappy Peeptoe Heel $88 ~ Leather Lace-Up  Boots $128


Budget Bricolage

January 30, 2009

Noir heels ~ Filigree Cuff $4 ~ Baby Doll Dress

Lace Halter $18 ~ Satin Blouse $23 ~ Floral Lace Tank $23

Lace Top ~ Brown Pumps $18 ~ Ruched Birdseye Vest $23


The Lace Addiction

January 28, 2009

 Lace Top ~ Buckle Boots $30 ~ Lace Cami $19
Ankle Heel Boots $78 ~ Lace Chainmail Necklace $78 ~ Wedge Boots $28
      Lace Gloves $6 ~ Cyber Heels $32 ~ Mini Buckle Wedge $17



Holiday Bouquet

January 28, 2009

In these last scrambling minutes of 2008, one can hardly find the time for style posts. So here’s a few bijou for you!


Inexpensive Gems

January 28, 2009

The holiday season means deals galore! So here’s a short and sweet post of this weeks fancy finds!



The Ever Affordable Electrique Boutique

January 28, 2009

I find nothing more dangerous than an inexpensive shoe website. My wallet cries, it weeps, it tries to form a suicide pact with my credit cards. Electrique Boutique is nothing short of addicting. Before you know what happened, you’ve spent a hundred dollars and five pairs of shoes show up on your doorstep. The only problem is the sheer number of shoes they offer. One often gets tired of browsing very quickly simply because there’s too much to look at. Perhaps the biggest draw of this website is the ‘sale’ section. An ocean of $20 tarty stripper platforms at your fingertips. 

Happy hunting.