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Please Leave Your Message After The Beep……..

April 1, 2009

SC is currently on hiatus as I am currently re-evaluating the format of the blog, its look, and a few other kinks. We will be back in full swing soon, so fear not.

You’ll just have to dress yourselves for a few days. 

But please take this opportunity to leave feedback about the site. What sort of posts do you enjoy reading? What could you do without? Any input is appreciated. 

Hopefully, we shall return a fitter, happier, more productive Stylecunt. 

-SC overlord


The Languished Lookbook

March 18, 2009

We, the style obsessed, used to have a beautiful obsession.

That obsession, was Shoutfit.

Shoutfit was a neat little website where you and I could post photographs of our stylish togs. It was wonderfully organized. You could tag the photo all over to label every piece of your outfit, describing the brand, price, and where you acquired it. But above all, Shoutfit was wonderful because of its diversity

Unfortunately, Shoutfit died suddenly without so much as a whisper of goodbye. No warnings, the site just disappeared. 

Now, over a year later, it seems that a new website has risen to take Shoutfit’s place. 


As a devoted fan of Shoutfit, when I heard about this website, I was elated with joy. Finally, a new style site I could obsess over. But I spoke too soon.

Instead of a style website, Lookbook is an interweb hangout for escapees of American Apparel sex dungeons. It’s a Mecca for camera-whore Swedish gay boys with beards, who used to be in some band that played your cousin’s party, but now just work in that used book store down the street. It’s a stomping ground for girls who wear stretch pants, a blouse found in a gutter, gold sunglasses, their grandmother’s costume jewelry, and wrap it all up with the stench of not showering for a week. 

When this is the most popular look on a style website with thousands of members, I fear for the future of fashion. 

It doesn’t help that Lookbook has decided to be an exclusive snot, as it is a ‘invitation only’ community where it’s not really important what your wearing, it’s who your wearing. 

The whole thing makes me sad. It has great potential to b an amazing style community, but trust fund brats have seen to it that we shall never see anything but images of scene kids in 70’s pajamas.