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Sensible Steppers

February 24, 2010

I know, the hiatus has been an age long But after seeing these, I couldn’t resist.

Oh. Dear. God.


Samurai Shunga

November 1, 2009

Maquetación~ Nonsense In The Dark


More images after the jump!

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Bohemian Frills

August 26, 2009



Designer Ceren Keyman is fabricating a plethora of turkish delights. Handbags, jewelry, and soon a a collection of furniture will be available for our viewing pleasure. 

I have always regarded purses with disdain, they’re just so boring and far too easy to lose. This is the first one that I would never let out of my sight.

Keyman Designs

More photos of her jewelry after the jump.

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Killer Klimt

July 15, 2009

Even though this is a chronicle concerning style, now and then the art world produces gems demanding to be shared. The work of Gustav Klimt has always been my fond favorite, and imagine my delight when I discovered this photography series by Moises Gonzalez.



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Vital Acquisitions

July 14, 2009

Recently, I have come to accept that Etsy is a viable source for clothing acquisition. In the past, I wrote the website off as a gathering of silly crafts, but these designers have changed my mind.

I need everything in this post, stat!

Disapora Cage Top $175 ~Louise Black Corset $189.50OctopusMe Earrings $120

Post Tattoo Socks $13 ~ OctopusMe Necklace $65 ~  Disapora Cage Dress $185

OctopusMe Choker $120 ~ Diaspora Rubber Top $55 ~ Antiseptic Corset $750


Haute Zombie

July 10, 2009

I, for one, welcome our zombie fashion overlords.

Mmmmmm, brains…..

Ivan Hidalgo

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Exquisite Incubus

July 1, 2009


I am entranced.

The prodigious doll lamps of the Russian sisters Lena and Katya Popova have sent my head spinning. Every element of the design is worth note, as the intense detail is nothing short of breathtaking.  I am aware that these Rococo geishas have made their rounds on the online blogscape, but I am surprised that the effect of these images has not lingered. This is true, raw fashion inspiration. It is imperative that these dresses be brought to full size scale.

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