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Litar Luggage

October 30, 2009


When it comes to purse searching, I feel adrift in a sea of hopelessness. Most purses are, to put it simply, extremely dull. Your insipid bags and jejune clutches bore me to tears.

A quick interruption! What is the deal with clutches? It seems like the worst idea on planet fashion. I know, I shall place all my important belongings into a tiny purse with no strap or handle, and be made to carry the damn thing all night around the discotheque. It seems unbelievably easy to lose. It also fails as a sensible zombie deflector, without the strap I doubt you could build the momentum to knock them down.

To continue, purses are dullsville, yadda yadda.

Until now! From the Ukraine with lots of love, Litarbags has released these remarkable marvels.


Now THIS is worthy of my arm. Why has it taken so long for this sandworm larvae bag to be birthed into existence? This company definitely has my seal of approval. I’m sure that if all the bags were made in black, the girls over at Corn On The Macabre would be all over this.


More bags after the jump!

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