Driveby Cunting: Two-Fisted Fail

March 8, 2010

A vision in purple rayon.

You met her that year at DragonCon. After the second round of Settlers of Catan with the novelty giant gamepieces, she caught your eye and whispered her room number.

An alluring and mysterious plastic sack of toy surprises just behind her heaving, Halloween-stockinged calves. Two fists raised in ready one-two lovetaps. The gentle undulation of rolls embraced snugly beneath geriatric support undergarments. Black pencil skirt by Targét. The beckoning black screen of a laptop stuffed with “erotic art” of “real womyn”.

And for mopping up: her polyamorous husband’s still-warm jorts, standing faithfully at the ready to catch milady’s essences, and yours.

As is he.

Thank you.


Sensible Steppers

February 24, 2010

I know, the hiatus has been an age long But after seeing these, I couldn’t resist.

Oh. Dear. God.


Witches Of The Waste

November 8, 2009




Lately, I have found myself bored with the fashion world. The immense amount of repetition has been getting me down. But ever since I laid eyes on the work of Serbian designer, Marko Mitanovski, my interest has been once more set aflame.

Never before have I seen such a perfect resurrection of fashion elements from long ago. His pieces simply drip inspiration, original to the core. I hope with all my might that these ideas trickle down the chain into some ready-to-wear versions.

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Sinister Strumpets

November 3, 2009

I’m aware that it’s a little last minute for a Halloween post, but better late than never.

Модная съемка от Тима Бертона

Trend Shooting of Tim Burton

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Samurai Shunga

November 1, 2009

Maquetación~ Nonsense In The Dark


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Litar Luggage

October 30, 2009


When it comes to purse searching, I feel adrift in a sea of hopelessness. Most purses are, to put it simply, extremely dull. Your insipid bags and jejune clutches bore me to tears.

A quick interruption! What is the deal with clutches? It seems like the worst idea on planet fashion. I know, I shall place all my important belongings into a tiny purse with no strap or handle, and be made to carry the damn thing all night around the discotheque. It seems unbelievably easy to lose. It also fails as a sensible zombie deflector, without the strap I doubt you could build the momentum to knock them down.

To continue, purses are dullsville, yadda yadda.

Until now! From the Ukraine with lots of love, Litarbags has released these remarkable marvels.


Now THIS is worthy of my arm. Why has it taken so long for this sandworm larvae bag to be birthed into existence? This company definitely has my seal of approval. I’m sure that if all the bags were made in black, the girls over at Corn On The Macabre would be all over this.


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Bohemian Frills

August 26, 2009



Designer Ceren Keyman is fabricating a plethora of turkish delights. Handbags, jewelry, and soon a a collection of furniture will be available for our viewing pleasure. 

I have always regarded purses with disdain, they’re just so boring and far too easy to lose. This is the first one that I would never let out of my sight.

Keyman Designs

More photos of her jewelry after the jump.

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